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Mutation Testing in C#

2023-08-09 8 min read Development
(This article was first published in Xpirit Magazin #14) The problem Let’s face it, software development is hard. It’s a highly creative task that fully takes place in “non-physical worlds” like our mind and inside IT devices. As physical human beings, we live in the real world, we experience the real world, we breathe and speak the real world. The direct consequence is that we learn from all the tiny things that might happen. Continue reading

Nullable Reference Types in C#

2023-03-20 4 min read Development

C# is a popular programming language that is widely used in the development of various applications. Microsoft has been working hard to make C# more robust and feature-rich, and one of the additions to the language (added in C# 8) are the nullable reference types. The C# nullable references feature allows developers to better control null values and handle null reference exceptions.

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